Friday, March 25, 2016

On my Top 10...

My musical tastes run from fairly hard rock to sunshine pop, so at any given time I could be running the gamut between those complete extremes. My first two pop albums were Black Sabbath "Paranoid" and "Cowsills In Concert", to demonstrate my claim as far back as 1971 at age 13.

For a record to land in my Top 10, it must be an easy, happy listen, full of melody, rhythm, dynamics, thoughtful lyrics, and superb production. Every album in my Top 10 exhibits every one of those qualities to the hilt.

It has to be a record I've lived with for many years, bucking the burnout factor, and delivering year after year the sweetness I first discovered upon hearing it for the first time.

Not always THE most popular albums, they have to have that "certain something' that ticks all my boxes, and I'm always open to new discoveries. This list can and will be fluid to that degree, but as with anything, near perfection doesn't come waltzing up to my ears every day, I must seek it out, and identify it when it appears. 

The Millennium "Begin" should really be a provisional pick for my list, and that's why I reviewed it ahead of my Top 10 list declaration. Many other albums round out a much larger top list.

Maybe I'll expand to a Top 100 some day (for review purposes) but for now the Top 10 list I offer here is a good beginning set of LP's to recommend for the casual listener, and as the more esoteric album reviews creep in to this blog, my musical personality will reveal yet further for those brave enough to follow.

So, if these choices make anyone curious, seek them out if you haven't already heard them, comment below each review as moved, and fill me in on your own top 10s.

Now, get outta here, and get busy!

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