Monday, March 14, 2016

The Millennium "Begin"

This album is hard to leave out of my top 10 (it's probably within my top 5 actually) favorite all-time records. Made in 1968, it was Columbia's most expensive-to-make rock album up till that time.

It shows.

Lush vocal harmonies, melodies you'll never forget, instrumental textures lovingly labored over, Begin has it all for me. It opened the door (for me) to Curt Boettcher's timeless production, which is essentially a how-to on how to make a record to stand the test of time. Like most amazing discoveries, it was a flop in the day.

Time has caught up to this classic, and to Boettcher, and to sunshine pop in general. This Japanese issue is particularly accurate and well-prepared, truly a labor of love for an era of music that remains vital and essential to any collection. Highly recommended.

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